Learn How to Improve Your Travel Portraits By These Amazingly Simple Tips

Local woman selling souvenirs from a boat in Halong Bay.

Try These Easy Tips To Improve Your Travel Portraits!

Photographing people is a part of travel photography when you try to reflect the people from a certain region with the help of your portraits.

While you’re trying to get connected with people around the globe, it’s also important to capture a beautiful portrait with perfect posing and lighting.

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Photographing people is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of photography. Besides the great photos that you can acquire, for me it also means building a connection with a country and its many different kinds of people. Taking portraits of people means you need to get up close, and sometimes communicate with them, so you need to get over your shyness. Whether it’s a smile and pointing to your camera, or simply getting by with limited language, it’s incredible how receptive people are when you put in the effort.

Here are some simple tips once you’re ready to start photographing travel portraits:

Keep the Eyes Sharp

It doesn’t matter if the other features of their face are not in focus; if the eyes are not sharp your image will look blurred and won’t work. The ideal focal-length lens for photographing portrait is 80mm-105mm (hence why these lenses are often called portrait lenses). Aim to set your shutter speed to at least 1/125th of a second (faster if you can) to ensure there is no camera shake. A wide aperture of f/2-5.6 will ensure you have a nice blurred background, to draw the viewer to the face of your subject.

Person in Venetian costume during Venice Carnival
Person in Venetian costume during Venice Carnival

Think About the Light

In any form of photography, light is one of the most important elements of the photo. Overcast days are ideal for portraits outdoors as it offers a soft, even light, whereas strong sun on the person’s face will cause harsh shadows to appear. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking portraits in this light, but you may need to think more about your composition. For example, you may want to show more of the person’s clothing to distract the viewer from their face, or you could use a flash to fill in the shadows. Sometimes the harsh shadows could actually enhance the photo by making it feel grittier.

Women working in the field in Mai Chau in Vietnam.
Women working in the field in Mai Chau in Vietnam.


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Simple Tips to Improve Your Travel Portraits


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