These Photos From a Lost Mongolian Tribe Are REALLY Stunning

A Travel Photographer Has Visited And Taken These Amazing Photos From A Lost Mongolian Tribe!

Many of us are residents in big cities and think about civilization as groups of people residing in the same situation. What we may miss is the possibility of life in other circumstances such as tribes living in certain regions far from large cities.

The main objective of a smart and professional travel photographer is to locate these areas and capture photos from the life of people who live in these areas. And that’s exactly what this amazing travel photographer has done.

He has documented a lost tribe in Mongolia into a photo series which are really stunning.

Read through the story, check out the awesome images and let us know what you feel!

Human civilization has come a long way since the early days of our species. Rising out of caves and undeveloped lands, humans have built cities and homes that the early generations could never have imagined.


The widespread growth of globalization has made it harder for historic cultures to be preserved. This is what makes the Dukha people of Mongolia so fascinating and amazing. The nomadic tribe has lived in the same region for centuries. During that time, they developed a special relationship with the wild animals. In fact, this relationship is so amazing it will leave you in awe.

Fortunately for us, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami recently visited this lost tribe and documented what he saw through a series of stunning photographs.


Through their unique culture, the Dukha people have developed a unique relationship with neighboring reindeer. They use them as means of transportation over the treacherous terrain they call home.




Children are taught how to train a reindeer at an early age.



The reindeer are docile and gentle companions, even to the smallest of Dukha children.


This young girl prepares to clean and bathe a reindeer baby.


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A Photographer Visited A Lost Mongolian Tribe. These Photos Are Stunning


Article Source: A Photographer Visited A Lost Mongolian Tribe. These Photos Are Stunning

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