This Talented Artist Has Taken Gorgeous Photos From Windows Around The World

Check Out These Brilliant Windows Photos Around The Globe!

Taking pictures from buildings is one of the most interesting parts of architecture photography which is a passion for many travel photographers.

A creative artist has decided to take photos from windows around the globe and compiled into a photo series which really makes you stunned.

Read through this, check out the photos and let us know about your thoughts!

Portuguese artist Andre Vincente Goncalves has a thing for windows: blinds, shutters, fenestrations, and frames. By isolating such a specific design feature, the subtle differences in architecture and cultural aesthetic across multiple locales become quite apparent: vibrate tiling is prominent in Lisbon, for example, and yellow accents in Evora. Basically it’s a transcultural look at the world by way of its windows.

“When I’m photographing, I give a lot of importance to the small details,” Goncalves told The Washington Post. “Everything about them fascinates me, the patterns, colors. … I find it amusing that a small piece of glass between the interior and exterior of a house gives us the feeling of security. Some are very flashy and opulent and others very humble.”

Goncalves has plans to document Barcelona next, and then London, and all the while fans can follow his progress on Instagram. But in the meantime, read on for windows from Italy, Austria, Portugal, and beyond.

The Alps


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