Use These Great iPhone Photography Apps to Create the Perfect Shot

Best iPhone Photography Apps to Create Amazing Shots for Instagram

What do many travel photographers do all the time after taking the perfect shot?

Yes, they upload the photo and share it with other people. One of those great photo applications is Instagram. But, did you know that there are so many other amazing iPhone photography apps you could use to create the perfect shot?

This great article shows you some of the best iPhone photography app many photographers use on a daily basis to capture those brilliant and breathtaking images.

Read through the article, check out the photos and apps and let us know about your valuable thoughts!

If you haven’t noticed, ThePlanetD is a very photo heavy website. We use iPhone photography apps that we count on to bring out the best in our photos and we wanted to share a few of our favourites with you.


Lately we’ve been focusing on Instagram quite a bit. We love going through our feed every morning to see where our friends and followers are exploring around the world. For us, Instagram is quite different from our other photography. We love saturating colours, using filters and creating an artistic feel to our pictures. It’s fun to create and imagine and inspire travel through images.

9 Great iPhone Photography Apps

Much of our Instagram is still taken on our iPhone but we also have some other photography apps on our iPhone that help us out with our DSLR shots as well. Whether you are an iPhone photographer or consistently on your DSLR, here are some of our favourite iPhone photography apps that we use daily to create the perfect shot to capture our mood.


Snapseed has been our “go to” iPhone app since the start. It is an excellent all around photo editing tool that can sharpen and tune images, straighten and crop photos, create drama, texture and even hdr effects to your photos. It’s the perfect place to start when looking for a tool to edit iPhone images. Get snapseed now



We were introduced to Fotor through Expedia Viewfinder. While working with them, they gave us a link to a great online photo editing tool that does basic editing from cropping, colour correction, smoothing wrinkles on faces, creating collages and adding text. On my desktop I do quite a bit with it, when it comes to my phone, I use it mostly for text. Visit Fotor for more

Text added by Fotor
Text added by Fotor


For contrasting conditions, we still us ProHDR. It’s an excellent photography app because the iPhone doesn’t take the best photograph when conditions are high in contrast, but when you use ProHDR, it takes two different photos exposing for light and dark. It then blends the shots together allowing the photograph to show details in the light sky and the dark shadows. Visit iTunes to download Pro HDR


Long Expo

We cannot believe how well this iPhone app works. Long expo allows you to take long exposures with your iphone. If you have a small tripod, you can set up your iPhone, use the timer to take a shot and then set the desired exposure time to capture things like that velvety water cascading over waterfalls. It works it really works! Download Long Expo Slow Shutter

Waterfall taken with iPhone
Waterfall taken with iPhone


Sky Safari allows you to look at constellations and where the Milky way is going to be based on your location. You can look up where the stars will be at a certain time of night and plan your photography around that. If you want the milky way to be low in the sky, you can check Sky Safari to see what time it will be low in the horizon and set your alarm to get up when you need to. It’s an amazing app for night safari. Sky Safari for apple

Star gazing with aid of sky safari
Star gazing with aid of sky safari


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9 iPhone Photography Apps to Create Kick-ass Shots for Instagram


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